Ein Gespräch mit St. Vincent // NYC – Berlin

@ Nedda Afsari / CAROLINE

Am Telefon wirkt ihre Stimme kindlich, die Antworten kommen zögerlich. Annie Clark aka St. Vincent überlegt genau, was und wie sie die Fragen im Gespräch beantwortet. Obwohl die Telefonverbindung nach New York manchmal abbricht, spricht die Musikerin über ihre Arbeitsweise, wie ihre Ideen für Songs entstehen und ihre Tour, die gerade begonnen hat. Am 26. Oktober kommt die Gitarrenvirtuosin nach Berlin!

St. Vincent about her song writing process

There are so many ways that I make songs. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with a full melody and whole orchestration in my head and I wish that I could connect the two worlds of sleeping and being awake by covering it all, but then I only get the melody out of it. Sometimes I write lyrics from start to finish and I try to figure out how they sound like. Sometimes I start with a beat. Very rarely song writing start with a guitar for me. In New York, I had the melody and lyrics both out at the same time. I was fully worked out at once.

St. Vincent on discovering cities while touring

Sometimes I do. Sometimes on the upcoming tour I’m meeting people in various cities who are interesting, artists and writers. They want to get tea with me. That’s where the inspiration comes from. The nicest way to discover and explore is to find out where a good coffee shop is and take it from there. David Byrne is so good at that – he always goes out to local attractions.

St. Vincent on Berlin

Whenever I’m in Berlin it’s always been so in and out. The amazing Berlin where all the artists and musiscians spent time has never been revealed to me, I’ve never had the time for it. I want someone to show me Berlin. But I have been in Berlin in Christmas time, so I’ve seen the snow and the lightings and the Christmas Markets, but I know that that’s such a greeting card version of it.

St. Vincent on playing the guitar and singing 

With guitar a lot of times I like to play a little bit out of tune, because I like that aggression and uglyness. With singing I cannot really sing out of tune (laughs). It’s a lot easier to play purposefully out of tune on a guitar. It’s hard to make singing out of tune – “Is guitar playing more free than singing?” – they’re just really different kinds of free. The freedom of singing that is so connected and I feel like I have a completely different access to things when I sing than at when I play guitar.

More direct because of the words?

If you do it right, there is so much emotion filled into the structure and the melody and the word. If the emotion is there sometimes it is just about nearly singing the word, because the emotion is in the DNA of the singing already.

St. Vincent on her tour

It’s a show from start to finish – I’ll bring a different kind of energy to it every night and the crowd’s energy will be different evey night. When I make shows, they’re shows – I want the people to have an experience.

Das Gespräch führte Lorina Speder. Im Rahmen des Interviews erschien ein Artikel im Tagesspiegel.

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