Ein Gespräch mit Channy Leaneagh // Minneapolis – Berlin

Am 16. Februar erscheint das gemeinsame Album Music for The Long Emergency von Polica und dem Berliner Ensemble stargaze. Am Telefon in Minneapolis beantwortete die Frontfrau von Polica Channy Leaneagh, wie ein Album über zwei Kontinente und mit 13 Musikern entstehen konnte und was sie über ihren derzeitigen Präsidenten denkt.

Polica and stargaze @Graham Tolbert

About the collaboration

There is a modern composition program in St. Paul Minnesota called liquid music and the match make classical artist and electronic artists. So we were introduced by ist director. Even though we are not very well known in Berlin, the city is our second musical home outside of Minneapolis and we spend a lot of time there. We even had mutual friends and community members with André and stargaze. Our worlds somehow collided from two different paths.

About the Writing process

We kind of remotely wrote some music and wrote back and forth – not a big deal now, a lot of artists do that. We had a few opportunities to meet up, even meet in Minneapolis to hang out, listen to music in November 2016. Ryan Olsen (Producer of Polica) and I were in Berlin in February 2016 and met Stargaze, have been to André’s house, met briefly for dinner for the first time. They are wonderful people, so the communication was really good. We both really wanted to work together and create music so we made it a band. Then we all met again in Berlin in September 2016 for the people festival at the Funkhaus and that’s were we really developed the songs and played them out for the first time in front of an audience.

About Trump

I think I wrote How is this Happening the night after the election. Cause I went to bed the night of the election, very depressed, because I was sure he’s going to win. Just the fear that things were not gonna go well, kind of dependent on American history, that when you make a little bit of a progress you have to go backwards a hundred years. The song is not asking like “how could someone like Donald Trump be elected?” or “how could racism exist “ it’s more just about the disorientating nature of life. No of us is asked (I believe) to be born, we don’t know why we are here and it’s most of all complete unluck for most people and it’s very unfair. So you just make the best of it, you be as kind as you can, be nice to everyone. But there’s still this confusion about what’s going on cause you have so little control.

A year later after she wrote the song

I think it is much worse than I thought. I thought the Democrats would fight harder against him. Every day there’s some chaotic blender of a narcissistic insanity. It’s beyond that he’s racist. His greed is disgusting every day. So, America has done a lot of dark things in its history, so our Karma is very dark, stained and blemished.

Das Gespräch führte Lorina Speder. Im Rahmen des Interviews erschien ein Artikel im Tagesspiegel.





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